Tom Vissgren

Dear Al! In March 2010 I was very fortunate to hear you at The Village Vanguard. I brought my two oldest sons with for a one week stay in NYC. My greatest wish for that week was to visit th VV together with my boys. It was an experience for life. Also thanks for having your picture taken with us. I remember Doug Weiss helped us out with that. Best wishes, Tom Vissgren, Principal Timpanist of The Oslo Philharmonic.

Christopher Fick

Hello Mr. Foster, I'm very sorry to bother you with this question, as I'm sure people may ask you this very often. I've been listening to your work on the Get up with It album that you recorded with Miles Davis. The snare timbre on that album is amazing, especially on the track Rated X. Do you recall exactly what kind of snare that was that you were using? I know that part of that sound was the way it was miked, compressed, EQ'd, etc... But as a starting point, it would help me out so much to know what kind you were using.

Best Regards from Austin, TX,

Christopher Fick

Jörg Heyd

Dear Al,
my name is Jörg, I work at the office of the WDR Big band in Cologne. At the moment, I prepare the brochure for the next year. Therefor I need some (high resolution) press pictures of you, can you please send me a little choice of pics?
Thanks! Jörg

Michael Robinson

Hi Al,

It was great to hear you with Gary Bartz and then write about it!

All best,


steven beasley

Al: saw you at Smoke a week or so ago. want to come see you with my son sometime. (in NYC) how can I find out where you're playing?



Tomomi NIshimura

Dear Mr. Al Foster

This is first time mail you from Japan.
I'm Tomomi. I'm working at Terumasa Hino office.
I would like to ask you about your schedule around from 3rd to 13th Sep 2015 as Terumasa Hino group at Tokyo Jazz Festival and other some Jazz Festivals in Japan.
It is not confirmed yet so first of all ask your schedule.

Please let me know when you will checke your schedule.

Best Regard
Tomomi NIshimura

Katherine Miles-Brockington

The Benjamin Franklin HS Alumni Association is in the planning stages of putting together a program to honor the musical talent that our school produced. We are planning this event for the latter weeks of June 2016 at the school (now Manhattan Center). We hope that you would be able to attend. It would be a great privilege to have you present and to honor your contributions to the performing arts. We are doing this program to help encourage the musical ambitions of the youth of East Harlem. If your attending is not a possibility, would you be able to forward some video footage of your performances to be screened for our audiences. If you are in contact with other musicians who attended Franklin and think they may be interested, please let them know of our efforts. Wishing you continued good health and success. Hoping to hear from you, better yet hoping to see you again (remember you from school) Sincerely, Katherine Miles-Brockington (BFHS '63)

Stuart Gunter

Mr. Foster.

I first became aware of you from the "We Want Miles" record. Thank you for being a tower of rhythm and an inspiration to this meat and potatoes rock drummer, who happens to love jazz, and your drumming, in particular. Thank you. Much respect.

Stuart Gunter
Schuyler, VA


I'm Gerald , working for the only french website for drummers :
Al Foster is playing in Paris tomorrow at the Sunset so I would like to know if it will be possible to make an interview?
I know it's a little late but i try my luck...
For information i'm doing filmed interviews.
Feel free to contact me if you need more informations.
Best regards.

Tyler Goertzen

Hi Mr. Foster,

I am a student of Jim Blackley, who speaks very highly of you. Jim's been my mentor for over 2 years, and he mentioned that you are one of his favorite musicians. Do you have time to meet and talk in the near future? I understand you must be very busy, but if you are available, it would mean the world to me.

Best regards,
Tyler Goertzen

Phil Briggs

Hello Al, it was an honor to meet you at the Village Vanguard a few months ago. I am learning how to play the drums, and I was wondering if you could give me some lessons.

Phil Briggs

Ethan Silverman

Hello Mr. Foster,

My name is Ethan Silverman a sophomore at NYU studying music. I am currently taking a music history course in which there is a requirement to interview a musician. I know this is a lot to ask, but if you are free within the next month or two it would be an honor to interview you for this project. Your work with Joe Henderson is some of the most profound music I have heard and has been extremely influential to me as a saxophonist. I appreciate you reading my email and would love to hear back from you and speak with you later.

Thank you, Ethan Silverman



I've been trying to identify this unknown jazz song that played on The
Weather Channel in 1996.

I was wondering If I could send you a clip of it to listen to. I thought
you might be able to help me identify it.


Rudy Lucas

Last nite at Smoke was fabulous way for me to celebrate my bday also 73rd...please let me know if u perform in metro nyc using these guys, especially Doug Weiss.

Rudy Lucas


Dear Al Foster,

I am a Jazz drummer composer from Tunisia and I am based in Dubai, I am coming to your show in Dubai Jazz Festival on Feb 13th.
I am huge fan of you since i was a kid and now i can\'t wait to see you in live.
please let me know if i can have the chance to talk to for a minute after or before your concert in Dubai, it means a lot for me and it will be an unforgettable inspiring moment on my life.
Please give me this chance after I spent more then 15 years following you and your projects.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Angelo Moscarello

I would like to take lessons with Al, if someone can get some information to me. Does he or doesn't he take on students, cost, etc. I'm an advanced player living in Beacon, NY and I would like to study Jazz with Al. I've studied on my own, but it just ain't happening. Not interested in lessons with the local hacks.

Tim Griffin

Hi Al

This is Tim Griffin,, You and I played at the Playboy Club at the same time. (six months) I was with a group in the penthouse, and you were with Kai Winding. I never got to thank you for letting me sit in, many times, when I came down to watch you. You were the most influential jazz drummer in my life. I got endorsed by Sonor a few years later and met and worked with Bernard (Pretty)Purdie. He gave me a lot of session work he could not do.

I hope to see you at the Northampton Jazz festival this Sat. (I will be the grey haired beard guy starring and clapping) hee hee,,, there might be a few of us that look like that.. I hope i get get to talk with you again.

Aaron Beber (aspiring drummer)

(Please give to Mr. Foster)

Dear Mr. Foster,

I saw your first set at the Village Vanguard on August 3, 2013. We spoke n the back with your saxophone player. Thank you again for taking time to talk with me. I really enjoyed watching you play and learned a lot

If/when you get a chance to listen to the Andy Arel Experience, I would appreciate it if you replied to my email and shared some advice on how to improve as a musician. You telling me to be myself, really encouraged me. I will never forget this night I saw you at the VIllage Vanguard and will use what you taught me as I strive to be the best musician I can be


Aaron Beber

Daniel Witt

Dear Al,
as always, your concert at Birdland / Hamburg was fantastic. And i understand what you said about feeling in our little conversation between the sets. To have a brilliant technic means nothing, feeling is all. I listen a lot to jazz and i know some very good young cats, but after a while, i switch back to the old cats, because of their feeling. I think it is a matter of live and how you grew up. This then will be reflected in your music. And it was harder for your generation because the acceptance of jazz wasn't like today. Maybe I'm wrong, i dont know. But listening to you is an honor every time. You play so unique and vital.
So i'm looking forward to hear you again in 2013!
Stay well and please excuse my faulty english.

Gwen Calvier

Dear Al,
We are going to feature you in our next issue of Hot House Jazz Magazine for your performance scheduled wth George Mraz at Birdland.
Please send me a current photo (has to be 100k resolution minimum for printing quality).
If I should contact somebody else for that matter please let me know.
I look forward to hearing back from you and wish you a great week

yair loewenson

hi,i'm the guitar player you met in yoqneam.we had dinner after your concert.thanks for the music and the interesting stories about miles.let me know if you'll come to visit israel again.
all the best,